Safe Manual Handling

What is manual handling? Simply, manual handling is the movement of items by human energy. Manual handling includes lifting, holding, pushing, pulling, shifting and lowering.  In fact, any form of human exertion could be included – with or without the use of mechanical aids. This program covers: Detailed description of manual handling The problems and how injuries are caused The types of injuries  Steps to deal with manual handling Hierarchy of Control Measures The steps to deal with manual handling can often be addressed by following through a series of questions.  This process, the hierarchy of control measures asks the following: Must the load be moved? Must it be lifted? Can it be moved mechanically? Can the load be reduced? Can assistance be gained? Is the load too heavy to safely lift? Manual handling contributes directly to a significant percentage of work related accidents and injuries.  Manual handling is an issue that must be addressed as an ongoing subject in the workplace. RUNNING TIME: 12 Minutes