Safety Essentials

This program has been produced to explain the “Safety Essentials” of workplace safety. It identifies what the essentials are, why it is important to keep them in mind, the reasons behind them, and how a good understanding of these “Safety Essentials” can help in preventing serious workplace accidents.The program commences by addressing the importance of workplace safety and the possible consequences of workplace accidents, including the direct and hidden costs to individuals and organizations.Main Program Sections:The program is broken down into four main sections, each section covers one of the four “safety essentials”.Section OneThis section addresses the fundamental question of exactly how you can be harmed in the workplace.Section TwoThere are some fundamental expectations that every organisation has of its employees in matters related to safety. This section details the ten rules and principles that everyone should know.Section ThreeThis section covers correct manual handling techniques with emphasis placed on lifting and carrying, andSection FourAddresses what should happen in different emergency situations.Understanding the “Safety Essentials” and applying them in your workplace is a fundamental part of any successful workplace safety program.RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes